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Her Majesty the Coratina olive

Oils produced in Puglia from Coratina olives are ideal condiments in low-calorie diets. The features and virtues of this cultivar, native of southern Italy, were the focus of Qoco, a successful festival organized by the town of Andria that was recently held in Milan

Maurizio Servili

Her Majesty the Coratina olive

Coratina stands out from all other olive cultivars thanks to its genes, which cause its fruit, and consequently the oil extracted from them, to have remarkably high levels of bioactive phenolic compounds.

Moreover, the oil has an interesting acidic composition, with large amounts of oleic acid and an adequate level of alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E). As provided for by EU regulation 432/2012, thanks to its chemical composition, the oil produced from Coratina olives is entitled to a number of claims, the most exclusive of which is that pertaining to its phenolic composition.

It should be clear however that from a qualitative point of view, all extra-virgin olive oils have a similar phenolic composition, and that Coratina does not possess any specific compound.

What makes it noteworthy is the level of phenols present in this oil, which is often extremely high, and always over the threshold level of 5 mg bioactive phenols per 20 g oil, the limit established by the European Union to be entitled to a claim. It is worth mentioning that the recommended daily intake of these compounds, i.e. 5 mg, is present in much less than 20 g of Coratina oil, which makes it ideal for low-calorie diets.

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Luigi Caricato


Antico Borgo, the scent and flavours of the Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino trine

Antico Borgo, the scent and flavours of the Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino trine

A Tuscan PGI oil made by Terre dell’Etruria, a farming cooperative society that has invested all it has on its members, expertly helping and guiding them towards quality and success. The most impressive features of this extra virgin oil, flavour apart, are its remarkable quality/price ratio and extraordinary yield > Luigi Caricato

Ravioli with Garda extra virgin olive oil stuffing and black olive charcoals

Ravioli with Garda extra virgin olive oil stuffing and black olive charcoals

Extra Virgin Garda DOP olive oil’s distinctive traits are its naturally delicate flavor and its elegance. At the taste it can be recognized for harmony or its organoleptic notes and for the light and balanced aromas: the scents of fresh grass, aromatic herbs, hay and artichoke, together with the typical almond aftertaste, make it unique. Recipe by chef Carlo Bresciani

Olio Turri's blog, a happy exception

Olio Turri's blog, a happy exception

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The art of healthy eating

The fruit of tradition, care and a passion for quality. Our story starts here, in Puglia. The beating heart of the Mediterranean Sea. This is the birthplace of our oil-making art, an art that has always considered olives as a living body. Video Spot Corporate by Masseria di Sant'Eramo