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These are the World's Best 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils

The results of the Evooleum Awards were unveiled at the World Olive Oil Exhibition. At the event, Juan A. Peñamil, ceo of Mercacei-Edimarket Editores, and José María Penco, project manager of the Spanish Association of Municipalities of Olive - organizers of the contest - presented the Evooleum World's Top 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils Guide and unveiled the names of 100 brands of Evoo from 16 countries that the jury has considered the best in the world


These are the World's Best 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils

In the second edition of the contest, held on March 10 and 11 in Cordoba, a total of 22 internationally prestigious expert tasters from eight countries valued the more than 300 samples submitted to the competition. EVOOs from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Israel, Morocco, Chile, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, South Africa and Tunisia have competed in this second edition to form the ranking of the world’s TOP100 EVOOs that will be included in the EVOOLEUM World's TOP100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils Guide 2017, published in English and Spanish, and of annual periodicity, that is distributed in the main contests and international fairs of the olive and gastronomic sector, as well as in gourmet and delicatessen establishments, Michelin-star restaurants, bookstores and supermarkets.

Following the reception, organoleptic evaluation and verification of the samples presented at the origin, among the 100 extra virgins that have achieved the highest score in the contest, highlights the overwhelming Spanish dominion, with 73 EVOOs -eight in the TOP10 - followed by Portugal (12), Italy (11, with two juices in the TOP10), Croatia (2), Chile (1) and Tunisia (1). Of these, 78 are conventional and 22 organic EVOOs, confirming the unstoppable rise of organic production extra virgins.

Tréfort, simply the best

With 97 points, the Italian Tréfort, by Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm, is the absolute winner, also placing among the TOP100 two other EVOOs, Ca'Rainene Monovarietale Drizzar and Ca'Rainene Classico. Tréfort is followed by Oro Bailén Reserva Familiar Picual (Aceites Oro Bailén-Galgón 99, S.L.), Schinosa (Azienda Agricole di Martino SAS), Martín de Prado (Prisma, Iniciativas Gourmets Extremeñas, S.L.) -one of the great surprises of this second edition- and El Empiedro (SCA Olivarera La Purísima), all of them with 96 points. Then, with 95 points, complete the TOP10 Palacio de los Olivos (Olivapalacios), Castillo de Canena Biodinámico Picual (Castillo de Canena Olive Juice) -the only organic extra virgin among the TOP10 along with Morellana-, Nobleza del Sur Arbequina Premium (Nobleza del Sur-Aceites Castellar, S.L.), Maeva Toro (Aceites Maeva) and Morellana (Sucesores de Hermanos López, S.A.). It is important to note the different varieties present in this TOP10 -picual, hojiblanca, coratina, cobrançosa, arbequina, picuda... - and the confirmation of the Andalusian predominance (Jáen, Córdoba and Granada) among the Spanish EVOOs -with the exception of Martín de Prado (Extremadura) and Palacio de los Olivos (Castilla-La Mancha).

Winners by categories

By countries, the best EVOO in Portugal is Rosmaninho Gourmet Cobrançosa, from Cooperativa de Olivicultores de Valpaços, Crl); and from Croatia, Monte Rosso Premium (Monte Rosso D.O.O.); while Domaine Fendri (Huilerie Moderne de Tunisie) and Deleyda Premium (Olivos Ruta del Sol, S.A.) fly the flag of Tunisia and Chile respectively, the latter being the only representative of the South American Cone. The best Spanish Extra Virgin with Protected Denomination of Origin is El Empiedro (SCA Olivarera La Purísima, PDO Priego de Córdoba), being the Best Monovarietal EVOO Oro Bailén Reserva Familiar Picual (Aceites Oro Bailén-Galgón 99, S.L.) and the Best Coupage and Best Italian Extra Virgin with PDO (Garda), Tréfort, by Paolo Bonomelli Boutique Olive Farm, obtained from a blend of trep, fort and drizzar varieties.

To see the complete list of winners click here.

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