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OOF 2018 is getting closer

I am a tree. This is the main theme of the seventh edition of Olio Officina Festival, which will be held from 1st to 3rd February 2018, once again, in the halls of Milan historic Palazzo delle Stelline. The postcard and poster have been designed by artist Doriano Strologo, from the Italian region of Marche

Maria Carla Squeo

OOF 2018 is getting closer

As in its previous editions, the largest happening dedicated to olive oils and seasonings will last three days. On the first day, Thursday 1st February, it will start at 5 pm, while on the following days, Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd February 2018, it will start at 9 am and finish at 9 pm. 

The main theme is therefore “I am a tree”, obviously referring to olive trees, however, numerous topics will be dealt with during the event. On Friday, focus will be on olive oil packaging and packing, including specific in-depth meetings involving authoritative experts and the award-giving ceremony of the fifth edition of "Le Forme dell'Olio" international contest. 

On Friday 2nd February, the main topic will be the presence – and the relevant pros and cons – of extra virgin olive oils on the shelves of large-scale retail channels and some of the most prestigious buyers and entrepreneurs of the oil industry will be on stage.

On Saturday 3rd February, besides several cultural, entertainment and educational meetings and initiatives, focus will be on olive oil sensory analysis and on the mill of the future.

These are only a few examples of the wide range of initiatives that will take place in this Milan three-day event conceived and directed by Luigi Caricato and involving a wider and wider audience, coming from an increasing number of countries. Culture will of course be the main driver, including literary events, such as book launches with the relevant authors, but also art events, such as themed exhibitions, some preview of will be soon available, including the historic involvement of the "Arte da Mangiare" cultural movement and the collective exhibition by Francesco Sannicandro, titled "Olio d'Artista - Atto terzo".

Following previous editions success, guided tasting workshops will be once again held on Italian and foreign extra virgin olive oils, as well as vinegars and table olives. Additionally, an educational lecture on oil-food pairings will be organized, besides several workshops that have been very positively welcomed during Olio Officina Festival previous editions, to make blends or coupage - whatever their exact name is – with different types of oils provided to the public.

Many surprises will also be unveiled in the coming weeks. Last but not least, in line with the festival spirit, focus will be on “high-altitude olive oils”, coming from olive groves located on hills and mountains, where it is quite hard to produce olives due to evident logistical difficulties. It is to be noted, tough, that such olive oils stand out for their quality, beneficial to the relevant area, as olive trees contribute to preserve the landscape beauty and land is constantly and necessarily maintained, which ensures hydrogeological stability of hills and mountains. It is both a social and an agricultural effort Olio Officina Festival wants to keep fostering, as it has done in the last few years in collaboration with the Tree Dream cultural movement. 

Last but not least, Olio Officina Cultura dell'Olio awards will be given at the beginning of the happening, as always. Winners have already been selected but will of course not be revealed. 

Maria Carla Squeo - 29-10-2017 - All rights reserved

Luigi Caricato


Antico Borgo, the scent and flavours of the Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino trine

Antico Borgo, the scent and flavours of the Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino trine

A Tuscan PGI oil made by Terre dell’Etruria, a farming cooperative society that has invested all it has on its members, expertly helping and guiding them towards quality and success. The most impressive features of this extra virgin oil, flavour apart, are its remarkable quality/price ratio and extraordinary yield > Luigi Caricato

Signature recipe: Chocolate bread pudding with evoo

Signature recipe: Chocolate bread pudding with evoo

Marisa Iocco, chef and owner of Spiga Ristorante in Boston, offers us a typically American dessert, very popular and now considered so familiar that it cannot be taken off the menu, as much as it is required. The same dessert was proposed during the communication and training project held at the end of 2019 in Boston, Providence and New York, organized by the quality consortia of extra virgin olive oils Ceq Italia and, for Spain, by QvExtra! with the support of the European Union.

Olio Turri's blog, a happy exception

Olio Turri's blog, a happy exception

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The art of healthy eating

The fruit of tradition, care and a passion for quality. Our story starts here, in Puglia. The beating heart of the Mediterranean Sea. This is the birthplace of our oil-making art, an art that has always considered olives as a living body. Video Spot Corporate by Masseria di Sant'Eramo