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International seminar against Xylella Fastidiosa


International seminar against Xylella Fastidiosa

he International Olive Council (IOC) is organising an international meeting on Integrated actions against Xylella Fastidiosa to protect olive trees and international trade with the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM). The meeting will take place at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, Italy, from 12 to 14 December 2018 (programme attached). During the meeting, the IOC plans to work with the CIHEAM, EPPO, IPPC and FAO to draw up an integrated plan of action against Xylella fastidiosa in order to prevent, combat and mitigate its effects on olive orchards, and to implement measures to maintain the international trade of olive plants.



“Integrated actions against Xylella fastidiosa to protect olive trees and international trade”

CIHEAM Bari – Great Hall, 12 – 14 December 2018



Wednesday, December 12

h9.30-10.00        Welcome speeches:

P. Plaza (CIHEAM Secretary General a.i)

A. Ghedira (IOC Executive Director)

L. Di Gioia (Councillor for Agriculture of Apulia Region) - tbc


Framework of the olive sector

h10.00-10.10         Overview of the Olive sector (A. Adi, IOC)

h10.10-11.30      Olive sector: producers view of the Xylella fastidiosa problem (A. Ben El Hadj M'Barek; T. Forcella - IOC Consultative Committee)


State of the art on Xylella fastidiosa

h10.30-11.00                     Overview on Xylella fastidiosa and its vectors and host-plants (G.P. Martelli, Bari University)

h11.00-11.30                     Key scientific achievements on Xylella fastidiosa (D. Boscia, CNR Bari; A.M. D’Onghia, CIHEAM Bari; B. Giovani - C. Picard, EPPO-Euphresco)

h11.30-12.00      Coffee Break


Legal context

h12.00-12.15                     The IPPC International Standards for Phytosanitary Standards and how they apply to Xylella fastidiosa (S. Brunel - IPPC)

h12.15-12.30         EU – legislation on Xylella fastidiosa (P. Di Rubbo, EU) - tbc

h12.30-12.45         EPPO recommendations and Standards on Xylella fastidiosa (C. Picard, EPPO)

h12.45-13.00         Pest risk analysis for X. fastiosa (G. Stancanelli, EFSA)

h13.00-14.00         Discussion and session closing

h14.00-15.00         break


Initiatives to prevent or manage outbreaks of Xylella fastidiosa

h15.00-15.20         Good practices in Olive culture (P. La Notte, CNR Bari)

h15.20-15.40      FAO initiatives for preventing and combating the threat of Xylella fastidiosa (T. Yaseen, FAORNE)       

h15.40-16.00         Certification scheme of plant propagation material of Olive (C. Picard, EPPO)

h16.00-16.20                     The IOC-UCO THOC project (L. Rallo, UCO)

h16.20-17.00         Discussion and session closing




Thursday, December 13

Action Plan

h9.00-10.00        Evaluation of Xylella fastidiosa risk perception and governance effectiveness in EU-Mediterranean region: a proposal of survey (G. Ladisa, CIHEAM Bari)

h10.00-14.00                     Working group: identification of common strategies for prevention and control of Xylella fastidiosa outbreaks (IOC, CIHEAM)

h.14.00-15.00       break

h15.00-19.30      Practical demonstration on surveillance of Xylella fastidiosa (CIHEAM Bari – IPM staff)




Friday, December 14

h7.00                    Departure from Hotels and CIHEAM Bari


h7:00 - 20.00      Field visit in the area of Xylella fastidiosa outbreaks (M. Digiaro, F. Valentini, K. Djelouah, G. Cavallo)




Photo by Olio Officina

OO G - 11-12-2018 - All rights reserved

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